Jobs and Economic Development

Sufficient retail space will be provided to enable residents of the Sheridan footprint and the surrounding community to access a rich variety of high quality goods and services. A strategy must be developed to attract and retain supermarkets, bookstores, and other desired uses, and to support locally-owned enterprises that meet community needs.

-Community Redevlopment Principles

Decommissioning the Sheridan Expressway would open up 28 acres of land for development without displacing anyone. Other cities that have decommissioned highways such as Seattle, Boston, and Milwaukee have built residential and mixed-use developments on the “new” land, which has opened up opportunities for economic development and jobs SBRWA hired an independent consultant, SmartMobility, to evaluate the economic impact of our New Community Plan. SmartMobility concluded that although taking down the highway would be costly, the future economic benefits from new business investments and increased spending from people with new salaries would result in a net economic benefit.

How does this work?

As a result of our Community Visioning Sessions, SBRWA created the New Community on the SHeridan Plan. The Plan is a set of criteria that SBRWA will follow if the New Community Plan is chosen to be put into action. This criteria includes approximately 1,200 units of housing, 50,000 square feet of retail space, 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and 30,000 square feet of community/recreation space. This criteria is realistic to the 28 acres provided, but the exact blueprint of the New Community is still up for design. But using these figures, SmartMobility was able to calculate that approximately 700 new, permanent, full-time jobs would be added if the New Community Plan were chosen!

Job Creation from Sheridan Redevelopment

Proposed Sheridan DevelopmentSizeEstimated Jobs*
Residential1,000 units200
Retail50,000 sq. ft320
Manufacturing40,000 sq. ft160
Community/Recreation30,000 sq. ft28
Totals 700

*Employment ratios are estimate from the Urban Land Institute

According to past trends, the Bronx adds about 3,000 new jobs each year. If the Bronx continues to grow at this trend, the 700 new jobs provided by the New Sheridan Community would provide 20% of the expected new jobs for the Bronx! The new commerical/manufacturing space would also provide room for businesses to come in to the neighborhood, providing a much-needed shopping district and on-going economic development.

Here in the Bronx it is critical for us to create economic development and job opportunities for the members of our community. Many people just use the Bronx’s highways and trains to get through the Bronx to jobs that are in Manhattan, Connecticut, or elsewhere. But creating 700 new jobs in the South Bronx would help create new permanent long-time employment and economic benefits for the South Bronx community. And the safe bike and pedestrian routes through the Sheridan Community would connect the area to the larger Greenway system, allowing for people to safely walk or bike to work.