Green Design: Smart Growth and Sustainability

If 1E is selected and the blueprint created by the New Community on the Sheridan Plan is adopted, we have the unbelievable opportunity to create a completely new community.

The Sheridan land is currently free of any utilities, buildings, and families. Tearing down the Sheridan would open up 28 totally vacant acres of land without any displacement.

Vacant land is nearly impossible to find in New York City, and an opportunity like that in the South Bronx is a once in a lifetime chance to build a new, state-of-the-art Green development.


The Sheridan site is a rare opportunity to build dense housing and commercial / community development in a location that takes advantage of public transportation and the Bronx River.

Because the area around the Sheridan is already served by bus and train lines, new transportation lines do not have to be built and car-dependency is reduced.

Building around pre-existing transportation is called “smart growth” and the New Community on the Sheridan is a perfect example of smart growth.

  • The New Community will also be connected to the Bronx River Greenway and the South Bronx Greenway, making bicycling around the community easy and safe.
  • The Sheridan lands are also very close to the Southern Blvd. shopping area. This district, and the new businesses that will be part of the New Community, mean that everything residents need will be within a 20 minute walking radius.
  • The entire development will also have site-wide stormwater retention systems, waste reduction systems, and recycling. Sustainable building practices will be key to the development.


Because there are no existing utilities or buildings on the Sheridan land, we would not have to replicate old infrastructure.

Instead, we could combine all the best technologies including solar energy, renewable energy, stormwater retention systems and high-performing technologies to save the most money and make the least impact on the environment.

The large scale of the development would let us use the best building techniques that will create an energy efficient envelope, high indoor air quality, and wireless internet systems throughout.

We will also be able to use sustainable materials. This community, which is currently the worst environmental use scenario, would become the best environmental use scenario.

As a major new development the Sheridan development would be able to include these features:

  • Combined Heat and Power technology
  • Site-wide stormwater retention
  • Site-wide recycling and waste reduction systems
  • High indoor air quality
  • Sustainable building materials
  • Wireless internet throughout the development
  • State of the art technology for all systems

The Sheridan land gives us the unique opportunity to create a completely Green development, already serviced by public transportation systems, for the residents of the South Bronx. The New Community on the Sheridan would become the prime example of sustainable and affordable development that services the needs of the community.