Better Truck Access to Hunts Point & a Better Quality of Life for Local Residents

The State Department of Transportation has been trying to make truck access to Hunts Point easier, and is now looking at two final options. One of these options removes the Sheridan Expressway and the other retains it, but both options create a new exit from the Bruckner into Hunts Point.

The Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance is for Plan 1E, which builds the new ramps and removes the Sheridan because we feel that it will help truck traffic to Hunts Point and also help the community.

As the Alliance, we work to ensure that our actions are deeply rooted in the principles of environmental justice. We firmly believe that all people deserve the opportunity to be involved in determining the health and livability of their communities.

The areas that surround the Sheridan are mostly land-locked and the area that isn’t, Hunts Point, with its 100,000 daily trucks, and fertilizer, water, and sewage treatment plants, is a prime example of environmental injustice.

Our effort to provide housing, businesses, jobs, and open space on the Sheridan lands and to create access to the Bronx River echoes environmental justice’s “need for urban and rural ecological policies to clean up and rebuild our cities and rural areas in balance with nature, honoring the cultural integrity of all our communities, and providing fair access for all to the full range of resources.”

We recognize the current importance of the Sheridan to the food distribution businesses located in the Hunts Point Peninsula and the 4000 jobs they bring to the Bronx.

That is why the Community Plan to remove the Sheridan also includes direct access to the Hunts Point markets from the Bruckner Expressway via the Oak Point fly-over ramps.

This benefits business because trucks spend less time in transit, and it benefits South Bronx communities because less trucks will be traveling on local streets and causing health and safety problems.